Channel Islands National Park, California, United States

Channel Islands National Park consists of five of the eight Channel Islands located off the coast of California, in the Pacific Ocean. The islands are close to the shore of densely populated Southern California, their isolation has left them relatively undeveloped and home to a wide variety of significant natural and cultural resources. The islands extend along the Southern California coast from Point Conception near Santa Barbara to San Pedro, a neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The average annual visitation to the park’s mainland visitor center is around 300,000. The visitor center is located in the Ventura Harbor Village and contain several exhibits that provide information regarding all five islands. Backpacking, camping, day hiking, scuba diving, and spearfishing are among the activities available to visitors. Most visitation on Channel Islands National Park occurs in the summer, also in winter and spring the migrating gray whales and spectacular wildflower displays attract visitors. Autumn is an excellent time to travel to the park for diving because the days are usually sunny, with minimal winds and clear ocean water.

Channel Islands Photos

Channel Islands National Park Map

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